Jersey, the Channel Island best for shopping

Is Jersey the Channel Island best for shopping? I think so. This section will tell you what you need to know about everything from food to clothes shopping, perfumes to electronics.

Jersey has no VAT. It does have a Goods and Services Tax (GST) which currently stands at 3%.

The Town Centre

The main shopping area in Jersey is in the town centre of St Helier.

Much of the main shopping area is pedestrianised - but you won't find any of the large indoor shopping centres common in many English towns.

What you will find though, is a good selection of many well-known shops, together with a few local ones, some of them offering locally produced items.

There are local and UK department stores, including Marks and Spencer, BHS, De Gruchy and Voisins.

You will also find the 2 Victorian markets. The Central Market specialises in flowers, fruit and veg and meat, the other market in fish. Both have delicatessens, and the main market has a variety of other small shops.

Shopping in other parts of Jersey

As well as St Helier, other places to go shopping in Jersey include Red Houses and Les Quennevais in St Brelade, and small shopping areas at St Ouen, St John, Five Oaks and Gorey. There are various other shops dotted around the Island, some of them well-hidden unless you know where to look.


As well as many of the big brand names, you'll find lots of smaller clothing shops - many serving the more exclusive end of the market, as well as a good variety of shoe shops in and out of Town.


You'll find a good selection of the latest electronic goods such as MP3 players, digital cameras and camcorders, memory cards, GPS, phones and computer supplies in Jersey. Channel Island prices are often very competitive for electronic products.

Pharmacies, cosmetics, jewellers and perfumes.

There are many pharmacies and jewellers in St Helier, and several shops selling vitamins and supplements.

Perfumeries abound, and there are several large cosmetic departments.

Farm shops and stalls

Jersey has some excellent farm shops, selling local and imported products. It's not unusual to come across small roadside stalls selling fresh locally grown vegetables and flowers.

There are some big farm shops which sell a large range of imported foods as well as local produce, and often resemble small garden centres as well!

Garden centres and florists

As you would expect from the 'Floral Isle' there are a number of florist shops and garden centres around the Island. Some of the garden centres rival the best in the UK.

Food shopping in Jersey

There are none of the bigger UK supermarkets in the Island, but Jersey has a few of its own, as well as many smaller food shops, health food and organic shops, and specialist food shops.

You can find out about Jersey supermarkets here.

Fresh fish and shellfish, some from Jersey, or other Channel Island waters, some imported from further afield, can be bought from several outlets. The range is huge.

Holiday accessories and gifts

Gift shops and shops selling beach accessories can be found at many of the more popular beaches.

There are also shops selling locally made art and crafts which make fantastic gifts or mementoes of your trip to Jersey. Channel Island artists groups hold regular exhibitions, including in the open air - and there are art galleries to suit every taste.

Sports shops

There are general sports shops, shops which specialise in selling scuba diving, surfing and even skiing gear, skateboarding gear or riding tack.

Toys, models and collectors items

Jersey has a better range of toy shops than any equivalent town I've been to in the UK. There are also a couple of shops specialising in models and collectors items.

There is a shop in Town with a huge range of fancy dress.


From scrapbooking to tapestry, paint to patchwork fabrics - you can buy a wide range of

art and craft supplies in Jersey - but you need to know where to find the shops as they're not that obvious! We even have shops selling haberdashery - I know they are becoming a rarity elsewhere!

Special interest shops Whether your interest is juggling, fishing, boating, model railways, dancing, gaming or playing a musical instrument, you will find a shop catering to your interest in Jersey.

Shopping in St Helier

Central Market

Jersey supermarkets

Art and Craft supplies

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