Jersey Supermarkets

This page fills you in on what you need to know about Jersey supermarkets, and other places to do your food shopping, if you're planning a self-catering or camping holiday in the Island.

Jersey doesn't have any of the large UK supermarket chains except Marks and Spencer, so you won't find Tesco, or Asda, Morrisons or Lidl here. Although some of the stores call themselves superstores, you won't find anything on quite the scale of UK superstores either.

Jersey food prices are quite a bit more expensive than the UK, so it's worth knowing where to find the best value.

Larger Jersey supermarkets can't open at all on Sundays.

Channel Islands Co-op

We do have Co-op's, but they're part of the Channel Islands Co-operative Society, so you can't use your UK share number. There are two large Co-op's, one in St Helier (called Grande Marché) and the other in St Peter, and several smaller branches which are called either Fresh Food Stores or Co-op locale.

Overall the Co-op usually offers the cheapest prices for many foods.

The St Peter Co-op is easy to find, it's right near the crossroads in the 20mph zone in the centre of St Peter, near the parish church.

The Grande Marché store is not so obvious. It's on a small road called La Rue le Masurier just off St Saviour's Rd.

Look for the gas holder - it's near the Co-op Grande Marché and easier to spot!

Both the big Co-ops have plenty of parking. The one in St Helier has a children's play area, post office and café.

Marks and Spencer

Another Jersey supermarket with a familiar name is Marks and Spencer. You won't notice much difference to the UK Marks and Spencer stores, although this one is a franchise operation. They sell more organic food than any of the other supermarkets here, and are, as far as I know, the only supermarket selling organic meat.

There are three Marks and Spencer supermarkets, and more planned. One is in the main precinct in St Helier. One is at Red Houses in St Brelade, and the third is just off the coast road in St Clement (la Grande Route de la Cote).

The Marks and Spencer food store at St Brelade is small enough to be able to open on a Sunday.


Many visitors are surprised to see a Safeway supermarket in Jersey. When the group was sold to Morrison's, the Jersey store wasn't part of the deal. It was bought instead by a Jersey supermarket chain (they also own the Checkers and Benest's supermarkets), but they kept the Safeway name.

Safeway isn't as cheap overall as the Co-op, but it has special deals which are worth looking out for.

It's easy to find, as it's on the main A8 road heading out of town towards Trinity.


There are two Checkers superstores, one at Red Houses in St Brelade, and one in La Rue des Pres, St Saviour. They have a number of smaller Checkers Xpress shops around the Island as well, and also the Benest's supermarket at Milbrook.

Not the cheapest of the supermarkets, but they do have particularly good cheese counters, and a wider range of speciality foods than the other supermarkets.

Benest's has a traditional butcher, and Checkers superstore at St Brelade brings in a very popular range of traditional French foods, fresh each week.


Like almost everywhere else in the world, most of our corner shops have been taken over by the Spar chain. You'll see them everywhere. I don't suggest shopping in them unless you have to, as they are expensive and stock very little fresh food.

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