Jersey wildlife is the most diverse in the Channel Islands because of the variety of natural habitats, the mild climate and the fact that it was connected to mainland Europe for much longer than the other Channel Islands.

Jersey has three SSI's (Sites of special scientific interest), the cliff-top heathlands of La Lande du Ouest (also known as Gorselands)in the south-west and Les Landes in the north-west, and the sand dunes 'Les Blanches Banques' in St Ouen's Bay. With another six proposed SSI's and four existing marine conservation Ramsar sites, it's obvious that the conservation of Jersey wildlife is taken seriously.

For bird-watchers, Jersey's heath and wetlands are ideal for spotting rare and migrant birds, as well as a variety of seabirds. There are two bird-hides overlooking St Ouen's Pond and the reedbeds.

Jersey is fortunate to have a colony of Red Squirrels despite the small areas of woodland. Grey squirrels were never introduced to the Island, so these timid creatures are thriving.

Slow Worms and Grass Snakes can occasionally be seen in the heathlands. Green lizards can be found in the heathlands and dunes, and there are three colonies Wall Lizards.

Jersey is home to the Common Toad , the Palmate Newt and to the rare and endangered Agile Frog.

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The marsh meadows at Le Noir Pre are full of wild orchids in flower during May and June. The heathlands, dunes, woodlands and hedgerows alongside the lanes of Jersey are full of wildflowers, and some rare varieties can be seen here.

If your interest is marine wildlife, Bottle-nosed Dolphins can sometimes be seen from St Catherine's Breakwater and Gorey Castle.

The whole of the south-east coast from St Helier to Gorey is a Ramsar site, and at low water when the tide retreats almost 2 miles there is a huge area which is home to numerous species of inter-tidal creatures. Care is needed exploring this area due to the danger of being caught by the incoming tide.

For those interested in seeing underwater marine life, Jersey has some excellent scuba diving sites, and there is a diving school at Bouley Bay.

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