Red Squirrels in Jersey

There have been Red Squirrels in Jersey since they were introduced by a naturalist in 1885. It's surprising that they have thrived here, because they are usually found in much larger areas of coniferous woodland.

In the UK, Red Squirrels are increasingly endangered because of competition from the much more aggressive Grey Squirrels, which have luckily never been introduced to Jersey.

Because they are timid, you won't be able to feed them as you often can Grey Squirrels, but with more than 800 of them in Jersey, it's not too hard to spot a Red Squirrel if you know where to look.

The biggest threats to Jersey's Red Squirrel population are cars, cats and the fact that the small areas of woodland in the Island are fragmented. 20,000 hedgerow trees have been planted to provide cover along the routes used by squirrels from one woodland to another, and you in some parts of the Island you may spot ropes across the roads to help the squirrels cross safely!

Many of the squirrels make use of feeding stations in private gardens, and if you visit the Island's garden centres you may see locally made squirrel-feeders for sale alongside the bird-feeders.

Where to see Red Squirrels

Probably the best location to see Red Squirrels in Jersey is in La Parcq du Pont Marquet alongside the Railway Walk, although they can be seen at many other points along the Railway Walk. There are also colonies of squirrels at St Catherine's Woods (although I've never managed to spot any there) and in St Peter's Valley.

Remember that Red Squirrels are timid, and you're unlikely to see them if you are making lots of noise!

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