Getting around in Jersey

Ok - so now you're in Jersey - how are you going to get around doing all the great stuff you want to do?

Obviously if you've brought your car or motorbike over on the ferry then that is likely to be your main form of transport. Check out some tips about driving and parking in the Island.

You might want to consider hiring a car - there's a great choice available from economy to sports cars to minibuses.

Jersey does have one of the highest proportions of cars to people in the world, so traffic jams and parking can be a problem. If you want to avoid the stress of driving you could opt for the bus service instead.

Cycling and walking are two of the best ways to relax during your holiday and you will see parts of the Island that you can't see any other way.

If you are reasonably fit and enjoy the outdoors, there are some great cliff path walks. Because the coastline around the Island is so varied, there are easy walks on the flat as well as more challenging ones. If you're looking for a real walking challenge, you could take part in the ITEX round the Island walk.

The network of cycle paths and Green Lanes help you avoid the busiest roads and see some of the most beautiful parts of the Island safely. All sorts of bikes can be hired, or bring your own on the ferry. Green Lanes are designed to reduce traffic and give priority to cyclists and pedestrians.

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If you're looking for the ultimate in luxury transport for a special occasion, check out the limosine and chauffeur services available.

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