Taxis in Jersey

There are two systems in Jersey, rank taxis and private hire cabs.

Rank Taxis

Rank taxis can be recognised by their yellow roof signs, and are cheaper than private hire cabs. All rank taxis charge the same tariff, which is higher at night and on public holidays. They will charge extra for waiting time and for luggage not carried in the passenger compartment.

Ranks can be found outside the Arrivals Hall at the Airport, and at the Albert and Elizabeth Harbours. When the airport is busy, there can be a queue. There may not be taxis at the harbour terminals unless a boat is due in.

In St Helier, there are ranks in Library Place, Snow Hill, and at the Weighbridge (bus station). Queues can be very long after the nightclubs close.

It is illegal for a child under the age of three to ride in a taxi uless there is a proper child seat. Some of the newer taxis have a built-in child seat which folds down from the rear seat.

A few of the rank taxis are the black cab type and may carry wheelchair ramps.

Private Hire Cabs

Private Hire cabs need to be booked in advance from one of several taxi companies. You can recognise them by the white roof sign, usually with the company name and the word 'restricted'.

If you plan to travel at peak times such as the morning or evening rush hour, during the evening when many people are on the way out for the evening, or after the pubs or nightclubs close, you need to book your cab well in advance. Cab companies will sometimes refuse to take bookings late on Friday or Saturday nights unless you have made the outward journey with them as they give priority to customers booking return trips.

Some of the bigger cab companies have child seats, but if you need one you must book in advance so that the company can make sure they put one in the car.

Two of the cab companies have wheelchair accessible vehicles available.

Car Return Services

Penalties for drinking and driving in Jersey are severe. A number of companies offer a service where they will drive you and your car back to your accomodation at the end of the evening.


If you are part of a large group, there is a company that can provide 16-seater minibuses or 21-seater mini-coaches to transport your group.

Chaffeur Services

If you are looking for something special, there are various companies which can provide chaffeur services around the Island.

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