Art and craft supplies in Jersey

If like me, you love making things, you will want to know where you can find art and craft supplies in Jersey. Whenever I visit somewhere new, I love to look for shops selling things I can't get at home!

If you enjoy patchwork, there is a fantastic shop in St Helier called Treadles which specialises in patchwork fabrics. You're bound to find a few interesting fat quarters for that next project! You'll find Treadles in Hue St, not far from the Town Hall.

The other main fabric shop is the Fabric Factory in the Parade, also near the Town Hall.

I have noticed that it's getting difficult to find haberdashers and wool shops - so we're lucky to still have both here. As well as Treadles and Fabric factory, you'll find a good selection of haberdashery in Needle Treasures in the Central Market. There's also a small wool shop in the market, and another out in St Lawrence at Six Roads.

The Harbour Gallery in St Aubin stocks lots of 'arty' stuff including Colinette Yarns hand-dyed Welsh wools. If you're into experimental embroidery you'll find some interesting materials here to try.

If you've spotted the B&Q store on the A9 (Queen's Rd) just a little way out of town, you may not have realised that there is a large shop there called Imagination which has a wide range of art and craft supplies.

Artist's materials can also be bought at the Victoria Art Gallery in Victoria St, Amethyst Arts in The Parade, and Paperclix in Sandybrook.

Imagination, Needle treasures and a shop called The Moon and Sixpence in the Central Market have selections of beads and jewellery findings. The Lion Park (Jersey Goldsmiths) has a Silver art clay workshop which sells supplies for this popular craft.


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