Running in Jersey

If you enjoy running, it won't be difficult to find enjoyable routes in Jersey. This page tells you about some of the best routes, and also about events and clubs in the Island.


If you prefer to avoid hills, the south and west coasts of Jersey are best.

There is a wide, flat promenade along St Aubin's Bay from the Waterfront of St Helier to the harbour village of St Aubin. This is very popular with runners - and walkers, cyclists, skaters, quad bikes, road trains etc! Can get a little crowded for my taste in the summer. I find it a bit boring - the scenery is pretty much the same all the way along - but you do a least have a view of the sea. Watch out for large sponsored walks which often take place here on Sunday mornings in the summer, toddlers on tricycles, and waves crashing over the wall on very high tides!

If you prefer flat but off-road, you can continue from St Aubin up the Railway Walk which goes all the way to Corbiere. Heading in this direction gives you a slight but continuous uphill gradient. I prefer to start near Les Quennevais Sports Centre and have a slight downhill run all the way! The Railway Walk crosses several roads, and can be quite busy with cyclists and walkers.

The sweep of St Ouen's Bay offers flat running, and there is a path which follows the top of the sea wall for most of the length of the bay.

If jogging on the beach appeals to you, the best options are Grouville Bay in the East, St Ouen's Bay in the West or St Aubin's Bay in the South. Check the tides first though, as all of these beaches are covered in parts at high tide. The tide goes out a long way, and you might have to go a fair way down the beach to find firm, wet sand. St Aubin's Bay has a number of streams running down the beach - expect to get your shoes wet.

Most of the valleys in Jersey run from North to South. Generally heading through the lanes from East to West or West to East will give you plenty of ups and downs. Green Lanes are great because they have little traffic and a 15 Mph limit. For a really tough off-road route, try the north coast cliff paths.

My favourite runs are along the woodland paths and lanes of some of the most scenic valleys in the Island.

Best at the moment is St Peter's Valley. I take the No 9 bus to St Peter's Village, getting off at the stop immediately after the Coop. If you cross the road here, you will see a small road, La Route du Manoir, that goes down the side of the riding shop. At the end of this road is a crossroads. Go straight over into Le Mont du Presbytère, which takes you down the hill to Le Chemin des Moulins - literally the road of the mills. Turn right. After a few metres you can get off the road onto the grassy (sometimes muddy) path the other side of the wall. Follow this path until you reach the small car park and duck pond. Here you head right into the woods. Follow the path left until you arrive at the watermill. Here you have to cross the road, and turn into the white gates of the appartments. The path continues through the driveway and parking area back into the woods. At the end of this stretch you will pass another mill which is being restored. Turn right along the road here for a short way until you reach the next junction. Turn left. Almost immediately on your right you will see a footpath sign. This takes you onto a wide 'perquage' path which will lead you back towards the cente of St Aubin's Bay. From here you can continue left towards St Helier or right towards St Aubin, running either on the beach or the promenade.

Another favourite, but shorter, run of mine is along Waterworks Valley. I start from St Lawrence Parish Hall. Across the road to the left is a road called Le Mont Misère. At the end of this road is a steep path leading down into the valley. In the Autumn this path gets very slippery with leaves and twigs, so take care. At the bottom, turn left and then immediately right. At the top of the short rise here, is a footpath leading to the right. Follow the main footpath through the woods, taking the right hand path at the fork so you continue to follow the stream. At the next fork when you are nearly at the white house, take the lower path down the steps and across the stream, turning left when you reach the road. The rest of the run follows the road, but there is very little traffic. At the bottom you will find yourself near the hire shop on one of the main routes into St Helier. Go left to head towards town, or right towards Bel Royal and St Aubin. You can make your way towards the beach by turning left and then right into Seafield Avenue where you will find a footpath through to the dual carriageway and the south coast. From the Parish Hall to the hire shop takes me about 20 minutes.

Running Events

Jersey's half-marathon takes place in May, along the north coast. Entries are accepted from individuals and teams of four, and there is a children's race. It's organised by Jersey Hash House Harriers, and you can find out more on their website.

The Jersey Marathon started again in 2006 after a gap of 20 years and attracted over 1,200 runners. The run takes place in early October and has on and off-road sections. There is also a relay race and fun run. You can find out more and register here. Race for Life takes place in Jersey, usually in May. You can find out more from the

Race for Life website.

Find out more about the half marathon here.

Find out more about the marathon here.

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