Plemont Beach

If you haven't been to Plemont Beach in Jersey, you've missed one of the Uk's best beaches!

It's my favourite, and many local people will tell you the same.

It's not the biggest, the best surf, or the safest swimming, and it certainly isn't the easiest to get to - so what makes it so special? I think it's because it's so unique. There really isn't anywhere else like it.

Plemont is in the North West corner of Jersey, and on some maps it's called La Greve au Lancon - although local people won't recognise that name!

It covers completely at high tide, so ideally you need to plan to go there on a day when the tide is low in the middle of the day.

There is some parking near the cafe and along the access road, but this fills up quickly. There is more parking a few minutes up the hill near the bus stop. Even this gets full fast on a nice day.

There is a long flight of steps down to the beach. The beach itself is beautifully sandy, with big shallow pools of water that are ideal for children to play in.

Swimming can be exhilarating here. There is often a good surf and lots of people bodyboarding.

To the west of Plemont Beach there are caves. Sometimes you can walk into the caves almost entirely on dry sand - other times there are deep sandy pools in the cave entances that you will have to wade or swim through. The views from the caves looking back towards the beach are breathtaking.

Alongside the steps down to the beach is a stream which makes a waterfall down to the beach. Behind the waterfall is another cave.

Access to the steps gets cut off as the tide comes in. If you visit Plemont out of season, make sure you check the tide times.

If you're there in the summer, be warned that the beach guards don't always tell you to move in time to get to the steps without wading through knee-deep water - so keep an eye on the tides yourself!

At the top of the steps is a beach cafe and shop, and toilets.

Be warned! The climb back up can seem long at the end of the day. Don't take more down than you need! This is not a beach for sun loungers and parasols!


The number 8 bus runs to Plemont Bay. The bus stop is at the top of the hill near the extra car parking, so allow yourself plenty of time to climb back up for your bus home!

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