Westmount Park - St Helier's least known beauty spot!

Westmount Park is a wooded slope on the West side of St Helier. Most of the locals don't know it! It's a favourite spot of mine, as it's close to where I live, and the views are fantastic. It's also a great spot to watch the Battle of Britain Air Display. You can see the Battle of Flowers parade from here too. Just be careful to avoid sitting on the steeper slopes that drop down to the main road!

Coming into St Helier from the West, there is a long narrow strip of grass known as the Lower Park. On one side of this is Victoria Avenue (the dual carriageway), and on the other is St Aubin's Rd (the Inner Rd.)

On the other side of St Aubin's Rd is a wall with a steep wooded slope above it. This is Westmount Park. This is not a formal park - there are no flower beds here. Most of the park is mixed woodland - conifers and evergreen oaks mainly.

There are three entrances to the park from St Aubin's Rd - the centre one has no steps and so is ideal for pushchairs and wheelchairs - but be warned, the paths all slope, some steeply.

You can also enter the park by going up the steps from the People's Park - but this rather spoils the surprise of the amazing view!

There is a network of paths through the park. If you keep heading uphill, you will eventually find yourself on the path that runs across the top of the park. As you walk along here, you will get glimpses of St Aubin's Bay amd Elizabeth Castle. In a few spots the trees thin and the view is just breathtaking.

I love this park so much that I made some sculptures especially for an installation here a few years ago. They're not there now, but I might do some more one day.

The other reason I go here sometimes is to climb trees! There are some great ones - but be sensible - avoid the ones that overhang the road and use your common sense. I'm not responsible if you fall off!

I thought of putting a picture of the view, but that would spoil it for you, so I won't.

The best bit is that Westmount Park is only a few minutes walk from anywhere in the west or centre of town.

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