Jersey Names and how to Pronounce Them!

Jersey place names are mostly French and can be difficult for visitors to pronounce. Find out how here.

The names that cause trouble!

Syllables in bold are emphasized. Letters in brackets are barely pronounced.

St Brelade - St Breh-lard
St Aubin - St O-bin
St Ouen - St Won (like the wan in wander)
Ouiasne - Way-nay - this is the one that gives people the most trouble!
Bonne Nuit - Bon-wee
Grosnez - Grow-nay
Plémont - Plair-mo(n)
L'Etacq - Le-tack
Grève de Lecq - Grehv-der-Leck
Harve des Pas - Harv-day-par
Portelet - just how it looks, not Port-el-ay as you might expect!
Moulin de Quétivel - Moo-lan-der-Ket-vil
Flicquet - Flick-ay
Samarès - Sam-er-ay
Les Mielles - Lay-Mee-el
Les Landes - Lay-Lond Like 'long' not London
Beauport - Bow-port
Mont Orgueil - Mont-Or-guy
Hougue Bie - Hoog-bee
Écréhous - Eck-re-hose
Minquiers - Ming-keys
Noirmont - Nwar-mo(n)

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